COVID-19 Business Relief Analysis

Within weeks, several new laws and programs offering Coronavirus relief have gone into effect. While these measures to protect those hit hardest by the pandemic are important, it can be a somewhat confusing process for individuals and businesses to decide which route is best for their situation, and for what they qualify. Information is updated daily and interpretations are continually changing.

To help our friends and clients, this chart breaks down comparative information about a few of the new laws and programs that have rolled out in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It describes the Paycheck Protection Program, FFCRA Credits, Employee Retention Credit, Employer Payroll Tax Payment Deferral, and the CARES Act Unemployment Assistance.

Please contact our team if you need guidance, as we have additional tools internally to counsel our clients through this process. We are always here to help.

Click here for a PDF download of the COVID-19 Business Relief Analysis.