Employees Recognized for Years of Service

We are proud to recognize the following employees for their many years of dedication to our firm, our clients, and the communities we serve. Each of these professionals received awards for their years of service at our annual After Tax Party. We hope to have many more years working with you all!

Jean Jackson, Belleville Office | 30 Years

George Moore, CPA, Alton Office | 20 Years

Andrea Suhre, CPA, Belleville Office | 20 Years

Betty Petryk, Belleville Office | 15 Years

Jenna Andres, CPA, Alton Office | 10 Years

Julie Graham, CPA, Alton Office | 10 Years

Chad Burns, CPA, Scheffel Financial Services | 5 Years

Jason Grunlund, Edwardsville Office | 5 Years

Michael Brokering, CPA, CVA, Edwardsville Office | 5 Years

Tara Bock, Alton Office | 5 Years

Dorothy Kossakowski, Belleville Office | 5 Years

Cheri Copley, Carrollton Office | 5 Years

Jenni Flowers, Carrollton Office | 5 Years